WMA 70th Summer School of Music


Welcome to the website of the WMA Summer School of Music, now in its 70th year. After moving from Wortley Hall near Sheffield, the 2016 school will again be at Castle Head Field Study Centre, in the beautiful Lake District, from 20th-27th August. This is a week-long school, the same length as we traditionally used to run, and it runs from Saturday to Saturday, again in line with tradition. We're very much looking forward to having a full week of music-making.

Castle Head Field Studies Centre

Castle Head is a hostel, not a hotel (though it's perfectly lovely, and the scenery is wonderful) - but then it isn't as expensive as a hotel either, so it's a chance to bring the Summer School experience within more people's financial reach, especially as times are tight if you're not a stockbroker or a merchant banker.

The WMA is a part of the Labour Movement, and has been since its inception. As such we believe in the power of music to effect personal change and to support movements for social change.

Wortley 2011

If that sounds like you, we're always delighted to meet new people. There's more information about the school itself under 'tutors' and 'courses' - if there's anything you need to know, email WMASS[at]whi-music.co.uk (replace the [at] with @, obv). The WMA Summer School is run on a voluntary basis by activists, so we keep costs as low as possible. Prices have gone up this year, as a result of having the extra day (as they did last year, too, for the same reason) - we're hoping they'll stabilise at more or less these prices for the foreseeable. If you really can't afford these prices (and they're among the lowest for a Summer School), let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Prices for the School are:
Single Room:  450
Shared Room 400
Camping 305
Caravan 305
Day Student 250
Please note that single rooms are at a premium, and are targeted at those
with the most need eg medical issues, so you may not get a single. Though
we try to be as obliging as possible...

Book before Easter for a 20 Early Bird Discount!

Download the application form here

Should you want them, the 2014 website is here, and the 2015 website is here

Other relevant Information

Link to Castle Head FSC
you can view the centre in some detail here, including 360 degree views!